We provide end to end services to fully automate your tests. Our approach is to use low code proven technology which supports every step of test preparation, execution and maintaining making it incredibly easy with zero line of code. By using graphical flow modelers instead of coding, test automation has never been so easy and fun before.

Our approach for Test Automation


We will support you in defining the scope of implementation, business value definition and key project KPI’s. We can do simple POC  to prove the value using your own application. 


Set up Leapwork platform.
Integration with CI/CD environment.
Team initial training. 
Lunch the first “quick win” project.


Record Flows.
Add data sets to Flows.
Rethinking Flows in order to repeatability and scalability. 
Set up test scenarios and schedulers.
Set up reporting and dashboards.


Regression test cycles execution.
Adapting Flows to software or process change.
Create new Flows to increase regression coverage. 
We can support your team or you can outsource to us all or part of above activities.

We work with enterprise packages like Microsoft D365, SAP, Salesforce and many others as well as in-house built core systems.

We deal with web, mobile and desktop applications – we can do automates for green screens as well using the same no-code technology.

We chose

The leading No-Code Test Automation Platform

We are the distributor and implementation partner of Leapwork – one of the market leading No-Code Test Automation Platform. We choose Leapwork as the most valuable  one by our expertise.

Truly No-Code technology.

Visual flows modeling tool for high confidence and incredible efficiency and time to market.

One tool for all technologies.

Whether you’re automating tests on modern web or mobile apps or older desktop apps or even green screens, you’ll do it all with Leapwork.

Ready to work with Enterprise Packages.

Natively support for Microsoft D365 and Power Platform, SAP, Salesforce, ORACLE and many others – even Mainframe.

Ready for orchestrators.

End to End platform which can be easily integrated with your CI/CD environment or DevOps tools by plugins to many standard technologies or use REST API.

Market proven.

Well recognized by Gartner and Forrester. Business values confirmed by many references in any industry.

Contact us directly – we will explain you why it is important and what we can do for you using   No-Code Test Automation Platform.

To learn more about the Leapwork No-Code Test Automation Platform visit Leapwork web page.

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