We are proud of

What we Do

We develop, implement and deliver IT solutions using smart modern ideas and no-code / low-code technologies in order to do digital transformation projects in more efficient way.

Advisory services

We lead the complex projects and programs related to transform business with technology. We manage Dynamics 365 F&O implementation projects. We advise in license optimization for global software products (e.g. Oracle)

Test and Process Automation

We provide professional services to speed up delivery of test automates for any application technology. We use “state of the art” No-Code technology enabling our customers to develop and maintain tests automates easy, quickly and ¬†efficiently.

Software Development & Outsourcing

Our team create stable and technologically advanced solutions using wide range of technologies and tools – where it is possible we use low code techniques. We are ready to handle the full development cycle or lease you the whole team or any individual.

Data governance & compliance

We help our clients unlock the potential of large data resources. Our tools based on artificial intelligence – improve customers data governance and increase its quality.

We provide software solutions to ensure compliance with GDPR/RODO regulations.