Software Development Teams Scaling

Scale up your digital teams sustainably !

We know how big the shortage of software developers today is in relation to the constantly growing demand. We also know how difficult it is to responsibly and effectively scale up existing teams. We are definitely convinced that the sustainable and responsible development of your teams is about connecting generations, cultures and experiences and we know how to do it efficiently.

We specialize in creating multidisciplinary teams that combine the strength of experience with the freshness of youth – we combine strong senior skills with junior talents.

We can build and deliver a very well-selected and educated team of junior + competences and provide high-quality mentoring and management support for the process of their implementation in the project and organization.

We do it for commodity competences such as software developer, tester, devops as well as we implement dedicated programs preparing the staff for specific activities or technologies.

We prefer long-term, constant cooperation with our clients – it gives us the opportunity to have a good understanding of the needs and specificity of operations and ensure the constant availability of well-prepared and perfect fitted competency resources.

We care about the satisfaction of our client, but also to the same extent every person engaged by us. We know that the satisfaction of both sides of this process is critical to its success.

This is our obligation to the younger generation of professionals to help them find their own path in the world of responsible and complex IT projects with obvious benefits for our clients and partners.

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We are open to engage every junior+ developer who are willing to join our projects – if you are such a person, we do our best to discover the best scenario for your professional journey trying to set up project position for you. Visit our career page.

Software Development & Outsourcing

Our Teams help digitalise Your Business !

Our team specializes in custom software development and maintenance. We can assist you in the complete life cycle of the product – from design to implementation and maintenance. We can also create dedicated team for you or deliver you selected competencies in outsourcing model.

Our staff is involved in different software development projects – mostly as a part of larger teams delivering complex solutions to the public and commercial (pharma, retail, health care, financial and insurance) customers.

We create systems that adapt to companies’ management processes using the main development methodologies, tools and frameworks or low-code approach using GeneXus™ Low-Code Platform or Microsoft Power Platform.

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We are open to engage every developer, tester, scrum master, devops who are willing to join our projects. If you are interesting visit our career page.

Advisory and Consulting Services

Take advantage of our experience !

Based on many years of experience of our management team in the implementation of comprehensive transformation and development projects, we are ready to become your advisor or consultant in the digital transformation process. Regardless of whether you are struggling with a single project or a comprehensive program, our services can significantly improve their implementation.

We advise you how to prepare and execute your digital and cloud transformation.

We advise you on license use (e.g. Oracle) to save your money and avoid license compliance issues.

We can manage the complex projects and programs related to transform business with technology on your behalf.

We can organize any expert team to support the transformation of your business.

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